Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with our outdoor lighting solutions.

Creating a beautiful and practical outdoor space is essential, and that’s where unique landscape lighting systems come in. At Hemlock Landscapes, we’re experts in offering top-quality outdoor lighting solutions that make your property look great while keeping it safe and secure. Our team knows how to design landscape lighting and is dedicated to turning your outdoor area into a well-lit, attractive, inviting space, highlighting its unique features and setting a pleasant atmosphere.

We customize our landscaping lighting ideas for your backyard to match your needs and likes. Our outdoor lighting options cover a wide range of lights, such as landscape lights, bollard lights, step lights and floodlights. We provide complete lighting services to improve the look and usefulness of your outdoor living space, adding extra light and creating a striking effect.

When designing landscape lighting, we consider several key factors, including the color temperature. This factor greatly affects the mood and overall feeling of your outdoor space. Our team works with you to pick fixtures that set the perfect mood and look for your area based on your needs and personal style. We also carefully check electrical wiring and voltage when choosing landscape lighting fixtures, ensuring your outdoor space is safe and secure.

Retaining walls are an important part of backyard landscape design. Adding lights to these walls can boost your outdoor space’s visual appeal and practicality. Our team helps you choose the ideal fixtures that go well with your retaining walls, highlighting their features and creating a unique atmosphere.

At Hemlock Landscapes, we know outdoor lighting is about more than looks; it also plays a key role in safety and security. Work with our experts to discuss landscape lighting ideas to create the perfect backyard lighting design that makes your space even more welcoming for your family and guests. Our reliable, long-lasting fixtures improve the beauty and function of your outdoor area. Let us help you light up your home, showing off its elegance while offering a safe and welcoming environment.

Lighting and Atmospherics

At Hemlock Landscapes, we’re experts in crafting one-of-a-kind lighting designs that make your property stand out. We use lighting options like solar and garden lights to provide a well-lit, secure outdoor space.

Our skilled outdoor lighting team works with you to create a customized lighting plan that suits your tastes and needs. We consider color and fixture styles to make your outdoor area feel cozy and welcoming. With our unique accent lights, you can show off your property’s unique details, highlight lovely garden features, and add some drama to your space.

When you choose Hemlock Landscapes for your outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your beautiful landscape all year round with solar and garden lights. Our expertly installed lights offer safety and security, highlight your property’s best parts, and create a captivating mood. Whether hosting a summer party or spending a quiet evening outside, our garden lighting designs make your outdoor area perfect for any event.

Discover the beauty and usefulness of a professional landscape lighting system from Hemlock Landscapes, featuring solar and garden lights. Boost your property’s appeal, create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and enjoy your outdoor space all year round with our tailored lighting solutions.

Shapes and Shadows

Use a special landscape lighting plan to turn your outdoor area into a magical retreat even after sunset. Landscape lighting not only adds excitement to your property but also helps highlight your home and garden’s unique features. By using hardscape lighting and picking the right light fixtures, you can create a beautiful moonlit atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

One great way to improve your outdoor space is to use special lighting systems that highlight trees, shrubs, architectural details and interesting areas. Consider using hardscape lighting for walkways, patios, and walls to create a welcoming atmosphere while making them safer and more functional. Try different light fixture styles and positions to create interesting shadows and shapes that charm your outdoor landscape.

Select a mix of light fixtures that match your home’s design and style to make the most of your architectural lighting ideas. For a balanced look, choose a combination of uplighting, downlighting, and pathway lighting that brightens your property while adding depth and dimension. With the right lighting system, you can turn your outdoor area into a fantastic home extension that showcases your property’s beauty and creates a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

By using special landscape lighting, hardscape lighting, and carefully chosen light fixtures, you can easily improve the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Discover the many possibilities of landscape lighting and turn your property into a breathtaking haven that amazes your guests and enhances your home’s charm.

Safety and Security

At Hemlock Landscapes, we know how important outdoor lighting is for making your home’s outdoor area beautiful and safe. We use a mix of different lights, like path, flood, and creative landscape lighting methods, to make a lighting plan just for you. Our driveway lighting design lights walkways, driveways, and steps, making them safe and attractive.

Our skilled team carefully picks lighting fixtures that complement the look of your property and don’t diminish the natural beauty around your home. We offer many lighting options, like path lighting to guide you, flood lights for large areas, and accent lights to show off special parts of your outdoor spaces. We choose each light carefully to make your outdoor area safer and more enjoyable.

We also have options like automatic timers or motion sensors to control your outdoor lighting system, making it convenient and secure. Plus, we offer maintenance services to keep your lights in great shape, helping to keep your property safe and secure. Trust us to create a beautiful and practical outdoor lighting plan for your home.

hemlock lighting
hemlock lighting

Trust the Experts at Hemlock Landscapes

At Hemlock Landscapes, we know every property is unique and needs special lighting solutions. Our skilled team of lighting experts offers personalized design, outdoor lighting setup, and landscape lighting upkeep services for people living in Northeast Ohio. We work closely with you to create a lighting system just for you, keeping in mind your property’s design, your likes, any special needs, and energy-saving options.

We promise that your outdoor lights will last a long time. We make this happen using the best materials and the latest LED technology in our low-power lighting setups. Our landscape lights are made to handle even the toughest Northeast Ohio winters so that you can enjoy your outdoor space all year round.

Outdoor lighting is very important for any outdoor area. Our lighting experts are committed to helping you make a custom plan that makes your property look better and work better. We have experience in many lighting options, like accent lights, path lights, flood lights, and special lighting systems designed just for you. When you choose Hemlock Landscapes, you can trust that your outdoor lighting will make your property beautiful and create a safe, welcoming space for you and your family.

Let Hemlock Landscapes light up your nights! Please get in touch with us today for additional information about our functional patio lighting, deck lighting and other lighting services.