hemlock mulching

So, you just spent a numerous amount of effort or even money getting your yard perfect. Why would you let that go to waste? Mulching is a great way to not only control weeds but shield your landscape as well. Our landscaping experts will offer their expertise to protect your investment with a mulch maintenance program.

Benefits of mulch include:

  • Mulching prevents erosion in the soil.
  • Mulching minimizes compaction during the rainy season.
  • Mulching helps to keep an even temperature in the soil.
  • Mulching is a form of water conservation as it conserves wetness.
  • Mulching can increase the number of nutrients in the soil.
  • Mulching helps your landscape maintain an even and attractive appearance.

Whether you are looking for mulching to address a specific issue with weeds or to be part of a complete lawn maintenance program, Hemlock Landscapes can help bring out the very best in your lawn and garden.

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