Sod and Lawn Installation

Transform your yard into a lush oasis with Hemlock Landscapes’ expert lawn installation and management services.

At Hemlock Landscapes, we understand that your lawn is more than simply a patch of green grass – it’s an extension of your house, a place where memories are built and cherished. We are committed to giving you the best-looking, longest-lasting lawn that also serves its intended purpose.

Our experienced installation crew, with more than 40 years of expertise, is eager to help you make the most of your outdoor living space. Our professionals can perform either a sod or seed installation, depending on whether you want immediate or long-term results. They will bring tools such as a lawn roller to ensure a smooth surface. Additionally, they can also integrate a sprinkler system for easy maintenance. Hemlock Landscapes offers unique options not typically available at a typical garden center, ensuring your lawn is exceptional.

However, our services extend beyond mere installation; we also inspect and prepare your house in advance. Our specialists analyze the amount of sunlight and shadow, the amount of upkeep needed, and the amount of foot traffic to determine the optimal turf type for your new lawn. Alterations to the yard’s gradient and the need for additional topsoil will also be recommended.

What to expect during the lawn installation process:

  • Remove all of the existing grass and weeds
  • Prepare the soil by roto-tilling the lawn to loosen the soil and promote healthy root growth
  • Apply a top dressing to resurface the yard where needed
  • Seed the area or install the new sod in a staggering joint fashion to ensure you do not encounter any water runoff with the new sod
  • Water roll in the new sod for great root contact and a smooth finish

After the initial installation, we will provide a follow-up service to check on the progress of your new lawn and your satisfaction with our services. Also, we provide a full range of lawn management services to help you keep your yard in tip-top shape with a beautiful, lush green lawn.

laying sod
laying sod

Navigating the World of Grass Seeds and Sod for Your Yard

There are several factors to think consider before settling on the ideal grass seed or sod for your lawn. Numerous varieties of grass are best suited to varied temperatures. Southern climates are best suited to warm-season grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia. Grasses that thrive in the cooler temperatures of the northern hemisphere, such as Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue, are more common up there. Choose a variety of grass that does well in your area’s weather conditions for the best results.

What kind of grass thrives in your yard depends on the soil conditions. Soils with different properties, such as clay’s ability to retain water and its generally alkaline nature against the sand’s drainage and acidic nature, are the main reasons for this. An expert landscaper can analyze your soil’s pH and nutrient levels and tailor recommendations.

How much sun your yard gets is another factor in determining what kinds of grass will thrive there. Some grasses, like Bermuda, need full sun for optimal growth, while others, like Fescue, may tolerate partial shade. You must consider how much sun your yard gets while choosing a grass that can thrive in that environment. Some types of grass need higher maintenance than others. Unlike Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue, drought-resistant grasses like Bermuda and Zoysia use less water and fertilizer. Before deciding on a grass type, evaluating how much time and money you can commit to upkeep is important.

What kind of grass is used on a lawn depends partly on what that lawn is meant to accomplish. For instance, if the grassy area will be used for sports, you’ll want to get a type that can handle a lot of foot traffic. Choose a grass variety carefully to ensure your lawn serves its intended function.

Planting grass seeds or laying down sod is a matter of personal preference. Lawns come in various textures, ranging from fine to coarse, and some people may prefer a mix of both. To determine what you find visually appealing, consider your desired lawn qualities. Consult with a landscaping company such as Hemlock Landscapes to determine the best grass seed or sod option for your yard. They will consider all relevant factors and provide recommendations based on their expertise. With their help and the use of a sod cutter and sod from a trusted sod farm, you can achieve a beautiful lawn that will require minimal maintenance and look great for many square feet of your yard.