Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care: Proper tree and shrub care is a mystery to some. Plant a tree and nature will take care of the rest, right? Not necessarily.

The trees and shrubs in our yards and neighborhoods are a valuable asset, and they require our help to keep them healthy. Proper plant health care is important because trees and shrubs are an investment in the value of your home and the livability of your neighborhood. The health and vigor of an individual plant bears directly on the overall worth of that investment. There is a right way and a wrong way to care for your trees and shrubs.

Caring for trees the right way

Our professional applicators and technicians understand and follow specific procedures to ensure the health and safety of your trees for years to come. We also offer tree and shrub pruning programs to keep your landscape looking its best.  You can be confident knowing that your valuable investment is being cared for in the best way possible.

Our areas of service include:

  • Plant Health Care
    • Diagnosis
    • Insect Treatment & Prevention
    • Disease Treatment & Prevention
  • Deep root liquid fertilization
  • Shrub and groundcover fertilization
  • Ornamental tree and shrub pruning
  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Stump grinding

Our integrated approach to treating your tree and shrub problems is both safe and cost effective. Excellent service, quality of workmanship and dedicated professionals set us apart. We evaluate every landscape’s needs so that we can tailor a program specifically for the benefit of your plants. We believe in proper diagnosis rather than spraying for the sake of spraying.  Our professional sales staff will evaluate your property to come up with a best course of action for the trees and shrubs on your property.

Certified Managers & Technicians

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