We’ll Do Your Project Right!

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President’s Message

We’ll Do Your Project Right

A landscape project is exciting. Each time we start a job, we share the homeowner’s sense of anticipation. Soon the property is forever changed – more livable, more beautiful.

We sometimes hear from property owners about bad experiences with other companies. They tell us of poor planning, unfinished construction, unhealthy or poorly chosen plantings, and even lack of consideration or courtesy.

We won’t disappoint you. Because our extensive experience and training go into every project, yours will turn out right. And because we enjoy what we do and the people we work for, every member of our company will meet your expectations for courtesy and professionalism.

Our goal is to make every customer happy. Since 1981, we’ve been achieving that goal time after time, project after project.

Please call us when you’re ready for your next project. You can depend on us.


Dennis Barriball, President

Update A Walk or Patio With ‘Flair’

Two of the most common needs in both new and established landscapes are improved walkways and enlarged outdoor seating areas.

One of the best landscape materials to handle these needs while adding warmth and welcome are pavingstones. These stones are reminiscent of cobblestones but are far more uniform in size and shape. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and are widely used in both home and commercial landscapes.

A well designed walkway allows two people to walk side by side. Most builders install walks that are far narrower. Or how about the edges of the driveway where people have to step into the grass on either side?

Paving stone “landing strips” and replacement or additional walks are two ideal uses for pavers. Extending or replacing a patio with pavers will add living space while vastly improving the look of your outdoor entertaining, cooking and seating areas.