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Are You Fired Up for Fall?

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Are You Fired Up for Fall? Cooler nighttime temperatures don’t have to put an end to outdoor enjoyment. With a backyard fire pit or fireplace, you can extend the use of your outdoor living space well into the fall and even winter. Depending on your goals and budget, there are all sorts of options in both styles and materials to meet your specific needs. Fire pits Generally speaking, fire pits are more casual than fireplaces and lend themselves more easily to entertaining. They radiate more heat and can keep more people cozy in chilly weather. If you’re looking for portability, free-standing,...

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Don’t Get Eaten Alive – Insects in the Landscape

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Don’t Get Eaten Alive – Insects in the Landscape Millions of new trees and shrubs are planted every year. When you add plants to your landscape you beautify your surroundings, help the environment, and add value to your property. Unfortunately, each of these plants may be the favorite food of one or more species of insect or mite. Proper control measures must be planned for and applied to prevent serious injury. We’re never sure just which pests will be a problem in a particular season, nor how severe an infestation will be. But there will always be harmful insects looking for a free...

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Importance of Professional Pruning

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Importance of Professional Pruning Why Professional Pruning? To improve a plant’s looks and help it keep the best shape and growth habit. To prompt new growth, since plants respond to pruning by growing. Proper pruning also maximizes flowers and fruit. To reduce foliage to what the roots can support on newly transplanted plants. To improve a plant’s health by removing dead, diseased or insect-infested wood. To allow more air and sunlight to reach inner branches, helping to prevent disease. To remove weak or dead branches that could fall and hurt people or damage property. To allow for better...

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Assess Maintenance Needs Early

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Assess Maintenance Needs Early Almost every lawn and landscape gets a little out of shape during the off season. But with spring coming on strong, a little “warm-up” conditioning is probably all that’s needed to give you and your property a great jump on the season. Before long it’s going to be time to fire up the grill for that first great-tasting cook-out. And now’s the time to grab an hour here and there to get the yard and patio ready. Taking a walk to take stock… A sunny Saturday afternoon is a great time to check out your lawn and garden situation and...

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Building a Maintenance Plan for the Year to Come

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Building a Maintenance Plan for the Year to Come There are many details to consider in keeping your lawn and landscape in top condition. For example, most properties have a wide variety of trees, shrubs and lawn areas, along with flower and mulch beds in all sizes, shapes and kinds. Including all of these areas in a master maintenance plan can help to make sense of it all, and will lead to a better-organized program. Plus, this usually means fewer problems and less money spent in the long run! The key is to plan for the right maintenance services at the right times. Below, you’ll find...

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